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Tiny House workshop at UNC Greensboro

The 2018 Novem Mason Symposium at the University of North Carolina Greensboro played host to a Design Resources for Homelessness 3 hour workshop exploring the needs of persons without housing in March of 2018. Eighteen students ranging from freshmen to seniors in the Department of Interior Architecture fashioned quick 3d models from cardboard and other materials, exploring the specific needs of three very different sorts of persons: victims of domestic violence, an elderly disabled person, and an adolescent who has aged out of the foster care system. With the capable help of UNCG faculty, advisory board members and Bennita Curtain and colleagues of Partners Ending Homelessness Greensboro, the students wrapped up a blistering 2. 5 hours of work and emerged with interesting house forms forged from people’s needs, designed from the inside out. Learn more about the UNC Greensboro Department of Interior Architecture here.

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