Waiting Room / Water bottle filling


The situation
Prospective residents sometimes arrive to transitional or emergency shelters with basic needs due to their placelessness, such as drinking water. It can be difficult to access a water tap that makes it possible to fill a water bottle for use while in transit.

Potential solution
A water bottle filling addition to a water fountain in a shelter waiting/intake room can be helpful in meeting residents’ immediate needs, and subtly tells residents that the organization understands, respects and has anticipated their needs in this moment of crisis. DOWNLOAD REPORT

Location: Austin Resource Center for the Homeless, Austin, TX
Managing organization: Front Steps
Architect: LZT Architects. Herman Thun, architect (now Principal of PLACE designers, Inc.; www.PLACEdesigners.com

Key words
Transitional shelters
Emergency shelters
Stress management
Dignity and Self-Esteem