Sofas as Beds


The Situation
Small apartments are often a solution for permanent supportive housing. This means that a single room must double as both a living area to host guests and also a bedroom. Furniture such as beds sends signals to residents and guests that remind everyone of the smallness of these units.

Potential Solution
Adding bolster cushions and a removable slipcover to a single bed in a daybed frame can help residents convert a bed to a sofa with minimal effort. This aids in thinking of the room differently depending on the desired situation, easing the psychological ability to have guests to one’s room without awkwardness. DOWNLOAD REPORT

Location: Third Avenue Apartments, New York City
Managing organization: Services for the Underserved (SUS)
Interior Designer: John Shuman, Services for the Underserved
Architect: James McCullar Architecture, PC

Key words
Permanent supportive housing
Stress management
Dignity and Self-Esteem