People & Projects

Kearny Bathroom Douglas Quote 2
Kearney Comprehensive Emergency Services Center, CESC, Inc. CRA Architects; CRA Architects, Kenan Fishburne and Jill Pable, interior design.

This is a list of advocacy organizations within the United States and Canada that provide information on homelessness that can enhance architectural programming. Information offerings are detailed for each organization including training, newsletters, bibliographies, grant funding, and other services or insights.

kitchen and living room with three paintings
The Six Apartments, Los Angeles. Skid Row Housing Trust. Brooks + Scarpa Architects.

This is a select list of projects within the United States and Canada that serve persons who are homeless or formerly homeless. It includes housing first projects, permanent supportive housing, day centers, transitional and emergency shelters and other types. This list can help locate nearby projects for site visits, and provides a means to locate architects, interior architects and interior designers that create these projects.