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Better environments can lead to better recovery.
Kearney Blue Hall Sketch
Kearney Blue Hall

Staff of Design Resources for Homelessness are available for consultation with permanent building projects that assist people experiencing trauma and/or homelessness. We can provide practical strategies on ensuring positive user experience in a new or renovation project and work in advance of or alongside your project’s architecture and interior design team.

A range of services are available depending on projects needs including programming (information gathering to determine needs through interview/observation or other techniques), generating practical project recommendations informed by research, preliminary or design-development floor plan consultations with project architects and designers, color palette and lighting consultation, conceptual design of custom architectural features, and guidance on furnishings and fixtures that promote a positive environment while withstanding the rigors of wear.

We generally establish an agreement with an hourly fee documented by time sheets and a not-to-exceed number of hours so that everyone is comfortable. Please contact us at to discuss the needs of your project.

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